Monday, May 16, 2016

The Conqueror - May 2016


Toe the Line: Recent & Upcoming Races
  • May 21: SRR Grand Prix Race #4, Playworks 5k, 10am, Dorchester
  • June 25: SRR 26x1 Team Relay
  • Congratulations to everyone who ran the New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon, the Providence Marathon and Half, and of course, the Boston Marathon!
    • Chris Klucznik finished fourth overall at the Providence Marathon
    • Hsien Chung Tseng and Cheng-Chih Yeng both completed their first marathon under goal time in Providence 
    • Tim Morin and Tom Brieder both broke three hours in the New Jersey marathon
    • Despite the heat, there were many great performances at Boston - see the full recap and results below

An eager committee member reports for duty!
Photo courtesy of Julie Holt
Call for Committee Members
Would you like to help SRR with one of our various race committees? We need your help! Being on a race committee is a great way to get more involved in the club, give back and learn more about our role in the Somerville community, and meet your fellow members. We have something for everyone, from marketing to race-day logistics to planning that awesome post-race party. As a first step, visit the SRR Annual Races page and email and we can point you in the right direction!

The SRR Amazing Race
Mark your calendar: we'll be holding the first annual SRR Amazing Race run to celebrate National Running Day and Global Running Day on Wednesday, June 1! This 5k fun run will be a friendly team competition, with prizes for our winners. Stay tuned for more details to come on our facebook page and yahoo message board!

SRR News

Boston Marathon 2016 Recap

Kate O'Malley and Victor Gonzalez show SRR spirit
at the Cheer Zone! Photo courtesy of Nicole Tateosian
Now that the 120th Boston Marathon is behind us (and the 50th anniversary for women!), we would once again like to thank the entire SRR village for making this a great experience! The list of shout-outs goes well beyond this: Nichole Bukowski and Aaron Beer (Course long run), Irene Lanois, Jenn Fonda, John Gorvin, Heather Hagerty (for help with the Casey's Pasta Party and Sean Collier Memorial Run), Melissa Glotzbecker (and the volunteers at the Boston Marathon expo), Jon Bean, Irene Lanois, and Laura Buso (Cheer Zone/Elite Water Stop Coordinators), Julie Holt and Nichole Bukowski (#SRRRunsBoston and Guess the Weather fun!), Kimi Macdonald and Julie Holt (creating and ordering the popular Boston Marathon shirts!), Kate O'Malley (winner of the Cheer Zone Cheer Award!), Victor Gonzalez, Sarah Wright (for your helpful cheers and team support at the 30K), Gordon Pilotte and the folks at the Burren (awesome after party), Kathy Hynes (bus coordinator), Tina Mack (hotel coordinator), and Jesse Edsell-Veter (Boston Marathon coordinator) for putting it all together.  The list goes on, and please know everyone's help was appreciated! 

Robert Cipriano at the 30k on his way to an age-group win!
Photo courtesy of Andy Marinelli

SRR Boston Marathon Results (courtesy of Coach Joe O'Leary):
* An age group win by Robert Cipriano, the first in the history of SRR 
* A top-ten age group performance by Wolfgang Ketterle
*Men's Masters team took SECOND overall! (Robert Cipriano, Greg Picklesimer, Wolfgang Ketterle)
*Full list of SRR Results including PRs

May Photo Contest: #SRRFuelMyRun
We had so many great Boston Marathon photo submissions last month. Congratulations to our April #SRRRunsBoston contest winner, George Woodward!

What's Fueling Your Run these days? Do you read up on the latest Runner's World articles searching for "newly released power foods" in search of your PR? Then again we hear that those nibbling on swedish fish mid-run are happy and running just fine. Perhaps you are fueled by something greater than we're getting all deep on you. You thought this was just a running club social media contest didn't you? ;)  Are you fueled by a morning sunset, the shirtless crew team on the Charles, the reward of more ice cream for your miles, morning laughs with friends, or post run celebrations? The time is NOW! Let us and let the world know what Fuels Your Run! All entries are put in a drawing each month to win a prize. Use #SRRFuelMyRun on our SRR facebook page or instagram (tag us: @somervilleroadrunners) to be entered in the drawing to win!

Casey's News
It was a very busy month at Casey’s! On April 14th we held our annual Pre-Marathon Pasta Dinner and Sean Collier Memorial run. Well over a 100 people came to honor Sean and enjoy the festivities, and we were even featured on both the Somerville Community Access Television and also on channel 7 news. This month has also seen a bunch of new faces and the return of some past regulars.

April also saw many SRR members and Casey’s regulars running marathons. Between Boston, Providence, and New Jersey, a lot of miles were covered by SRR! 

We are looking for any suggestions of things that folks may want to see at Casey’s. Please give us a hand by letting us know your thoughts and fill out this quick survey: 

Lastly, we are still working on getting the results posted again. Some of the missing results should be going up soon, but it will take some time to track the PRs (we will let everyone know once those are all organized).

See everyone on Thursdays!

Race Report: Providence Half Marathon
"Where I am right now might not be where I was, or where I want to be, but it is where I am just now." Read more about Urvi Mujumdar's Providence Half Marathon: Just This Mile.

Member Spotlight: James Klucznik
James is an accomplished SRR spectator, and his father Chris came back from a stress fracture to place 4th overall in the marathon (with just three weeks of training, nonetheless!)

James Klucznik and dad Chris after the
2016 Providence Marathon!
Age: 2
Weight: 26
Nickname: James, Jamesey
Day Job: Hanging out, Playing, Napping
PRs: 10 meters – 5s

How long you have been running and a part of SRR? 
I started running in June 2015. Crawling is for babies and when I want to be sneaky, walking is boring to be honest, but running is where the fun is! I like to think that I became an SRR member on April 20, 2014. Technically dad had done the family membership although I still don’t think he’s remembered to include me in the family listing – some lame excuse about me not having an email address.

Dad started running back in middle school and claims he did high school track although I haven’t seen any picture evidence yet. He took some time off from running for awhile after high school before joining SRR in June 2011. He said it was a fun summer of track workouts and was talked into running the Baystate Marathon by Tom Breider. He’s been running since, except when broken with injuries which makes him sad.

Mom was a swimmer in high school and an occasional runner afterward. Mom claims that when she and dad were first together, mom would run 4-5 days a week while dad would sleep in every day.

Where you are from?
Born in Cambridge, first few months in Somerville, now living in Needham. I do miss Somerville. Dad grew up in Canton and mom in Westford.

What is your favorite race and why?
Good question. Well I decided to come out 4.5 weeks early to watch my first Boston marathon. Luckily dad didn’t seem to mind missing the race, he seemed pretty happy to hang out and keep me warm at Mt. Auburn. I was born on my first Easter and watched my first marathon on tv at the hospital the next day. Dad and I got to watch Meb go for the win, then we actually got to see Pick propose to Carla on tv! Besides Boston, I just enjoy any race I get to run with mom or dad or watch the runners go by. I could see myself doing this someday! I know if dad could pick, it would probably be Doyles, Gobble x 3, or the Boston Marathon. Mom is partial to the Tufts 10K, the Dennis 5 Miler, and any race where she gets to run with me. She claims I’m getting heavy now, but it’s fun for me!

What's the most unusual thing you've seen on a run?
Turkeys! Lots and lots of turkeys!

Favorite thing to see on a run?
Choo choos!

Favorite Workout Songs?
Taylor Swift – Shake it Off.

What's a goal you're working towards?
Making it through a run without pooping in my diaper and/or falling asleep.

Why do you love being a part of SRR? 
Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. It looks like a fun club for every type of runner. It doesn’t matter your pace, favorite distance, or reason for running, everyone shares a love for running and being part of a supportive group. It’s fun being at races and seeing so many SRR singlets and support along the course for everyone.

What is something that your teammates might not know about you?
I have a baby brother coming in August!

Quote of the Month

"If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run." 
- John Bingham